Our group has decided to do the video project. I have access to camera equipment and I know how to edit video, so that will be my role in the project. All of us will be on camera at some point, and we will all also be helping out to write the script.


I’m not a huge fan of group projects – especially if I don’t know the people in my group well enough beforehand. I know Lexi, so that’s fine, but I am a little nervous working in a group with people I don’t know as well. I’ve always liked making creative projects for classes, but I prefer to work alone on them.


Last semester, I participated in a group project for my english class where we all had to write parts of a paper and each present another element of our own choosing. Once we figured out who was doing what, we didn’t have to get together to work on the project after that. We all did our own thing and communicated through a Facebook group message. I think it’s going to be a little difficult to communicate through the group discussion board because we’re not notified when someone writes in it, but I’m glad we have Twitter because it’ll make things a whole lot easier. This project is also different in the sense that we all have to get together to do everything (except maybe write the script), and that’s going to be tough because we all have different schedules, but I think we’ll figure it out! I mean, we have to figure it out… so it’ll work one way or another.


I think 3 out of the 4 of us will be doing most of the work, but I don’t think I’m pulling the weight at the moment. I think that once we have everything shot, the weight will definitely be on me to edit the clip together though.


It’s our choice to do this project because it’ll be easier for us, creatively, to complete it successfully. That’s the honest truth. If we had gone in the other direction, we’d have to get together more and I think the tabloid would not have looked as good in the end.


Here are some examples of the types of segments and news stories we’ll be incorporating into our project:



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