Of all the readings we’ve done, I definitely agree with what Benwell had to say the most regarding masculine discourse, humor gossip, and language play. The main concepts that I agreed with were those that discussed the way men gossip. Benwell made it more clear to me that men tend to gossip about topics that are more “common knowledge” than secrets about another person. Women are more likely to gossip about rumors, which is a prime example of how gender plays into gossip. I also agree with Benwell’s theory of “othering”. I think the one thing I disagree with is his opinion that men swear more than women. In this day in age, I would definitely challenge that argument.

I define “gendered gossip” as statements said from one person to another are dependent on a person’s gender or sex. That’s obviously not a stereotype, but I do firmly believe gossip is exchanged differently depending on the gender of the person.

This article, How To: Gossip Like a Man, backs up everything I just said. “But male gossip is not only about dishing; it’s mostly about catching up on things.”  That quote from the article makes me laugh because it’s exactly the point Benwell made in his reading.

Sidenote: While researching for this blog, I’d like to point out – as much as I LOVE Gossip Girl – that searching for something related to gossip is extremely difficult with that show in existence. 

As cliche as it might be, I do have a Gossip Girl video to share. This is the clip of everyone finding out that Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl and has been since the beginning. This clip gives me the chills every time I watch it. DAN IS A BOY. HOW CAN HE BE GOSSIP GIRL? is what a lot of people were saying around the world when this aired. This is a perfect example of preconceived notions of gender and gossip. Also, I love when Kristen Bell winks at the camera – genius.


I also love this clip from The Office. It’s from the episode, appropriately titled “Gossip”, where Michael makes up rumors about the office throughout the entire episode because he feels left out of the office chit-chat. This clip is a perfect example of workplace gossip, and I can now see how the show really enforces the concepts Crothers discussed in her article about bullying in the workplace.



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