Before we started discussing feminism, I definitely had a preconceived notion as to what I believed feminism really was. I thought of a “feminist” was someone who is passionate about women’s rights and expresses his or her passion in a more vocal way than most. I pictured a feminist to be dressed kind of like a hippie or the stereotype of what a butch lesbian might look like. After reading Gross’ article “What Went Wrong”, I still believe feminists are extremely vocal, but I also think Gross made one stellar point in her article that really made me think:

“Part of the blame for what has happened regarding gender lies with some of the rhetoric employed by the women’s movement. That kind of rhetoric assumes that what men do and the way they are is the ideal and the norm toward which women should strive or which they should be allowed to attain.”

This quote says a lot about movements in general. Feminists put so much emphasis on trying to get points across about equality, but why are men the ideal and the norm? Women should be women, not have to strive to be the “higher” gender, implying that men are, in fact, on top. I also think that part of the problem is that we tend to discuss gender pertaining to women much more than gender pertaining to men. Whenever I think about these topics that just don’t make sense to me, I always picture of that girl from Mean Girls in my head:

I’ve never been one to “stand up” for women’s rights. I get to do what I want, and I’m happy about it. If I can’t do something, I really don’t think it’s ever been because I’m a woman. Power to the people who put their voices out there and truly believe we’re the “weaker” sex, but you guys are the one’s putting that notion in society’s heads. I’m more passionate about gay rights because I know people who have been directly affected and my opinion is that there’s more hate toward gay people than women. I might be closer to “Anti-Feminist” on the spectrum, but I’ll stand up for someone if they’re being treated like shit.

In my opinion, Liz Lemon is a perfect example of a feminist. She loves to eat and do nerdy things, but most of all, work. In this video clip, Jack Donaghy analyzes Liz’s character, touching on her feminist qualities. Sidenote: This is also a tribute to 30 Rock because tonight is the last episode of the series. Blerg.

“Stupid Girls” by P!nk is a great parody of girls acting dumb to get what they want. P!nk does a fantastic job showcasing different things girls tend to do to get attention.



One thought on “Two

  1. Good. I agree with you positioning Liz Lemon as a feminist. I think that her character is a good example. I’m interested to know more about your perspective on “the weaker sex” and who/what groups perpetuate/created this notion. Feminists, do come in all sorts of different types.. some more quiet than others. Do you think that feminism does or does not deal with gay rights? If it does (there’s quite a spectrum of feminism/feminist issues), how would that potentially reposition you in the feminist spectrum?

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