Before reading anything for this class, my initial impression of what gossip means was the following: I always correlated gossip with being negative. I thought gossiping was strictly people talking behind each other’s backs and spreading rumors, typically putting someone down in the process of doing so. I think all of us have been victims of gossip before, whether it was someone saying something about you that wasn’t true or maybe something that was true that you just didn’t need other people knowing about… I know I’ve been there.

After reading the two articles by Conein and van Niekerk, my view has slightly shifted. I guess gossip can be positive in some lights. Celebrity gossip is mostly negative, but gossip is entertainment. Gossip forms relationships, and that’s the big one I never really saw in a positive sense.

I chose this video clip from Gossip Girl because, not only am I still recovering from finding out who the real GG is, I believe Jenny was one of the prime gossipers on the entire series. This is just one moment that proves how gossiping can twist words around and how not going to the original source can really screw you over. This type of thing happened a lot on this show, so it was difficult to choose just one, but Jenny was a shining star in the “bitch” category and really excelled at the sport of gossiping in a negative way.

I also chose this clip from Mean Girls because it’s another instance where gossip is portrayed negatively. By Janice explaining to Kady who Regina George is, she is planting a predisposed opinion in Kady’s head before she’s even met Regina. I love the montage of other students describing rumors about Regina because the majority (if not, all) of them really don’t even know her on a personal level. This entire movie could be put into this post, but we’ve all seen it, so we all know how perfect this movie is.


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  1. I like your statement that gossip is entertainment. What do you think would happen if there was a shift away from “gossip” as the media portrays it to the ways in which the articles we read talk about it? How would this affect the entertainment business? What kind of shows would replace things like E-news etc?

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